M.R.S. Kato Co., Ltd.

M.R.S. Kato Co., Ltd. was established in Bangkok on August 2002 Initially, the company mainly aimed to be a domestic supplier for paper core/tube and paper can container products. However, as we have been collecting expertise in paper tube (core) production for more than 40 years, we keep on expanding our know-how and expand our business to cover additional products related to paper packaging such as durable paper cardboard and paper bobbin. Since our conception, we have always put customers’ satisfaction as a priority, and thus you can expect that we will do our best in providing top quality products and timely delivery.

M.R.R. KATO 社は2002年8月  資本金 バンコクに設立操業開始以来,タイ国内市場を主として紙管及び紙缶容器の供給をしておりますが,製造部門は40年来の製造工 場として チューブ芯を始め 包装分野、に関わってきました、ここに来て更に容器分野,パッケージ関連(ボビン、厚紙ボード)分野と広げております。私ど もは常に,顧客の満足度を満たすために、品質に, 納期に 万全を期しております。



Established Date & Location in Bangkok 設立&所在地: 2002年8月; バンコク



Shareholder StructureM.R.S. Kato Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with S. Wasuwanich Udomsin Limited Partnership, which is responsible for manufacturing operation.

Individual Share Holders – Mrs. Siriwan Udomsin (Representing S. Wasuwanich Udomsin Limited Partnership) 75%, Mr. Takamoto Kato 25%


製造部門を S. Wasuwanich Udomsin 社が受け持ち、同社との共同出資の形で発足いたしました。

株主 – シリワン・ウドムシン氏 (S. Wasuwanich Udomsin 社を代表) 75%, 加藤 高茂登 25%


Personnel: Manufacturing division – 45, Administrative – 5

Business Content: M.R.S.KATO manufactures and supplies paper tube and core of various sizes (bore diameter from 8mm to 200mm) and for various winding applications (such as specialty films, plastics, paper, wires and etc) and product container applications (such as incense, wine, soap, and etc.).

Additionally, M.R.S.KATO also customizes products to fit customers’ requirements. For example, metal cap attachment for durability or assembling paper core/tube to other packaging components (such as bobbins and or cardboard).

従業員: 両者合わせて45名が製造、5名を販売管理に当たらせております。

当初は各種チューブ芯のみの製造設備で始まり、日産10000本の規模 (3″×4mm厚×1000mm長換算)でありましたが、通常紙管のみでなく金具付き強化紙管、容器紙缶分野、パッケージ分野の設備も兼ね備えております。 ここに来て更に容器分野,パッケージ関連(ボビン、厚紙ボード)分野と広げております。


M.R.S. Kato Co.,Ltd. aims for excellence in serving our customers by maintaining an ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

Quality Policy

M.R.S. Kato Co.,Ltd. considers customers’ satisfactions to be our most important value. Hence, we continuously strive to improve quality of both our products and services, so that we may serve customers reliably and promptly
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